The DFW Creation Study Group


The DFW Creation Study Group has been discontinued.  Contact Wayne Spencer if you would like him to speak for your church or other group.


Creation Education Materials

Creation Ministries by Wayne Spencer, M.S. Physics

Wayne Spencer is a former science teacher and an active speaker and researcher as a young-age creationist. He has experience speaking to youth and adults and has spoke in both religous church settings and secular university settings. He is available as a speaker.  For more information about Wayne see his Bio and Testimony and his Curriculum Vitaeon this web site. His materials are listed on this website and may be purchased by contacting him as below:

Creation Education Materials, P. O. Box 153402, Irving, TX  75015-3402,   (817) 223-1985

Creation Education Materials is not a nonprofit organization.

Metroplex Institute for Origins Science


First Tuesday of each month, 7:30 PM.  Contact Don Patton below for location.

Dr. Pepper Starcenter
12700 N. Stemmons Frwy
Farmers Branch, TX                (Go to second floor)

M.I.O.S., P. O. Box 550953, Dallas, TX 75355-0953

For information call Don Patton, (972) 279-5325 , or send him E-mail at DPATTON693@AOL.COM

Ask for a meeting announcement to be sent to you.

MIOS conducts a monthly meeting where creationist speakers answer scientific questions about origins, geology, and evolution from the young-age special creation point of view. New developments in science and new creation books, videos, and other materials are made available.