Good Heavens!

A podcast about the universe by Wayne and Dan

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Hear Wayne Spencer and his friend Daniel Ray discuss topics about astronomy and faith in the Good Heavens! Podcast.  This Podcast began in September 2017 and is now available on and  The Podcast is also available from Google Podcasts and Apple iTunes Podcasts (via Podbean).  Both Patreon and Podbean have applications available for mobile devices.  Dan Ray has a Masters degree in Apologetics from Houston Baptist University.  Good Heavens tries to take space topics beyond facts and figures and deal with the human side of astronomy.

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Good Heavens! _ Third Anniversary Episode - Lessons for Today from Johannes Kepler
Good Heavens! _ Cosmologists Say the Strangest Things

Good Heavens! - Unsolved Mysteries of the Cosmos - (Big Bang Part 2)

Good Heavens! - The Bible Versus the Big Bang (Big Bang, Part 1)
Good Heavens! -
Arp! What Light Through Yonder Telescope Breaks!

Good Heavens! -
Galactic Wonders, Part 1

Good Heavens!
- The Heavens are Full of Surprises. Ultima Thule and Beyond!

Good Heavens! - It's Pluto!

Good Heavens! - The Genesis Flood
Good Heavens! - Apollo 11 - 50 Years Later
Good Heavens! - Apollo 8 - 50 Years Later

Good Heavens! - The Mystery of Oumuamua

Good Heavens! - Exoplanets - Wayne's Worlds (Part 2)

Good Heavens! - Exoplanets (Part 1)

Good Heavens! - Making Models of the Heavens
(Solar System Part 2)

Good Heavens! - The Solar System (Part 1
Good Heavens! - The Fine Tuning of the Universe

Good Heavens! - Stars: How do they form?

Good Heavens! - Things Too Big for the Big Bang

Good Heavens! - Jupiter and the Juno Mission

Good Heavens! - The Odd Couple of Astronomy, Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler



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